The electronic music world is full of so many layers that it can sometimes be difficult to navigate. While many electronic acts playing here are from somewhere else, it’s always nice to realize that many here in Houston take the genre to a whole new level.  That being said, one of the most exciting electronic artists and producers in Houston is George West.  While West might be best known for his works with Bang Bangz and other Wonky Power artists, his solo efforts have grown by leaps and bounds since he dropped his first singles a couple of years ago.  His mixture of live field recordings and live instrumentation on his debut full length Silverio is something else entirely.  After catching his forward set at FPSF in 2015, I realized that West does things differently than most, and this album is definitely different.  While the tracks maintain his chillwave vibe, in nine tracks West keeps you wanting more while wondering what will come with each and every knob turn of the APC.


We’re past the point of the album cycle being a thing anymore.  Ten years ago, an artist would wait at least two years to drop new material, but nowadays it’s almost foreign and clueless to use that approach.  Houston’s George West has been on track to drop a new release every year for the past three when he drops his upcoming EP, Palmetto.  The release sounds different than anything the electronic producer has dropped in the past, and cements my belief that he’s one of Houston’s most underrated producers going.  Though the release isn’t due until February, West offered Free Press Houston a chance to debut the lead single, “Mustang Island.”  The track found exclusively here is definitely future sounding, and takes West into a bold new direction.


We would like to introduce Geroge West as we never officially covered him on the blog, yet we have seen him played before. Of themany acts we have yet to cover here on the blog that are local gems and hidden treasures but i cant think of a better time than now to introduce George West, he was definitely on our list to artist to keep tabs on since Flcon Fcker and Stephen farrishad told us to check him out. Having seen him played before was something amazing but its hard to properly introduce him without a little backstory.  George West is the moniker of Vik Montemayor, a seasoned drummer turned producer who explores an eclectic mix of sounds, interspersing chilled melodies with hints of abstract yet solid drum patterns. Having drum for the band Bangz Bangz for sometime he was no stranger to live shows nor music.  Yet went he ventured off to work on the solo project under the name George West it was to craft a very ambitious sound and set up.

Exclusive: George West's "Broken" Creates an Atlas of Sound

Traveling in Texas to anywhere causes weary-eyed travelers to relive the scene from Children of the Corn in which poor Burt and Vicky think they have escaped the child-occupied death-cult town of Gatlin, Nebraska, only to wind up in the same exact place they started each time. But other travelers have rosier-colored lenses when traveling through the largest state in the Lower 48, especially kids. Before the onslaught of digital devices robbed children of opportunities to stare at wide-open landscapes during long car rides, they might see strange Texas roadside attractions like Hildalgo's World’s Largest Killer Bee or giant sculpted legs outside of Amarillo. For Vik Montemayor, long car rides from Houston to Gonzalez, Mexico — a small town outside of Monterrey — permitted his young mind to capture the taken-for-granted moments and capitulate ideas for future endeavors.

vik montemayor