Exclusive: George West's "Broken" Creates an Atlas of Sound

Traveling in Texas to anywhere causes weary-eyed travelers to relive the scene from Children of the Corn in which poor Burt and Vicky think they have escaped the child-occupied death-cult town of Gatlin, Nebraska, only to wind up in the same exact place they started each time. But other travelers have rosier-colored lenses when traveling through the largest state in the Lower 48, especially kids. Before the onslaught of digital devices robbed children of opportunities to stare at wide-open landscapes during long car rides, they might see strange Texas roadside attractions like Hildalgo's World’s Largest Killer Bee or giant sculpted legs outside of Amarillo. For Vik Montemayor, long car rides from Houston to Gonzalez, Mexico — a small town outside of Monterrey — permitted his young mind to capture the taken-for-granted moments and capitulate ideas for future endeavors.

vik montemayor