We would like to introduce Geroge West as we never officially covered him on the blog, yet we have seen him played before. Of themany acts we have yet to cover here on the blog that are local gems and hidden treasures but i cant think of a better time than now to introduce George West, he was definitely on our list to artist to keep tabs on since Flcon Fcker and Stephen farrishad told us to check him out. Having seen him played before was something amazing but its hard to properly introduce him without a little backstory.  George West is the moniker of Vik Montemayor, a seasoned drummer turned producer who explores an eclectic mix of sounds, interspersing chilled melodies with hints of abstract yet solid drum patterns. Having drum for the band Bangz Bangz for sometime he was no stranger to live shows nor music.  Yet went he ventured off to work on the solo project under the name George West it was to craft a very ambitious sound and set up.