The electronic music world is full of so many layers that it can sometimes be difficult to navigate. While many electronic acts playing here are from somewhere else, it’s always nice to realize that many here in Houston take the genre to a whole new level.  That being said, one of the most exciting electronic artists and producers in Houston is George West.  While West might be best known for his works with Bang Bangz and other Wonky Power artists, his solo efforts have grown by leaps and bounds since he dropped his first singles a couple of years ago.  His mixture of live field recordings and live instrumentation on his debut full length Silverio is something else entirely.  After catching his forward set at FPSF in 2015, I realized that West does things differently than most, and this album is definitely different.  While the tracks maintain his chillwave vibe, in nine tracks West keeps you wanting more while wondering what will come with each and every knob turn of the APC.